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Recent NHS guidance recommends that people with possible, probable or confirmed monkeypox should avoid contact with other people until their lesions have healed and the scabs have dried off.

Cases should also abstain from sex while symptomatic, including the period of early symptom onset, and while lesions are present. Whilst there is currently no available evidence of monkeypox in genital excretions, as a precaution, cases are advised to use condoms for 8 weeks after infection and this guidance will be updated as evidence emerges.

If people with possible, probable or confirmed monkeypox infection need to travel to seek healthcare, they should ensure any lesions are covered by cloth and wear a face covering and avoid public transport where possible.

Contacts of someone with monkeypox will also be risk assessed and told to isolate for 21 days if necessary.

If you have a rash, please note our GPs will be speaking to you on the telephone first before asking you to come down to the practice, unless the rash is obvious eczema in children or change to an existing mole.
If you think you have monkey pox then you should call 111. Please do not come to the surgery.