SMS Text Messaging Service

SMS Text Messaging Service

In response to patient suggestions we are now able to send free text messages to patients confirming their appointment at the surgery. No personal details will be included in the message to identify you. We are hoping that by using this facility we will reduce the amount of wasted appointments due to patients failing to attend booked appointments.

There are a number of other scenarios in which an SMS message maybe very useful ie appointment reminders, flu vaccination reminders, making patients aware of changes to clinics or services in the surgery, providing/obtaining information about your care.

If you have not already supplied the surgery with your mobile phone number please contact us by phone so that we can update our records. Whilst we will regularly check your telephone numbers with you, please be aware that the onus of keeping your contact details current with the practice rests with you.

If you would prefer not to receive text messages from the surgery please let us know and we will remove you from our SMS list.  We ask that patients carefully consider the advantages of receiving these message before choosing to opt-out.

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