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Please note that there is a national shortage of Hepatitis A vaccine. Whickham Practice have no Hepatitis A in stock and none available for the foreseeable future. Furthermore Public Health England are now expecting a national shortage of Hepatitis B vaccine. Nurses have been advised that vaccines need to be administered only to those at greatest risk. For this reason patients will be risk assessed within the surgery. Patients with low risk will not be offered Hepatitis B Vaccination.

Travel Vaccinations

Nurses at The Whickham Practice can provide advice for basic travel only as we are not a specialised service. If you would like travel advice from the surgery please complete the attached form in as much detail as possible, six to eight weeks prior to travel. We will hand this to our nurses with your notes to be assessed and we will contact you as soon as this has been completed.

Patients with complex travel needs should attend a registered travel centre for expert advice.

Complex travel includes:

• Long stay destinations of a month or more
• School field trips e.g. world challenge etc.
• Patients with uncertain travel itineraries
• Patients travelling for work purposes

We are unable to recommend specific travel clinics but large chemists usually provide this service. There is also a travel clinic in Newcastle the details of which can be found on the internet.

Click here to download the Travel Risk Assessment Form


There is a national shortage of Hepatitis A (adult and child) and Pneumococcal vaccine (adult only). Both of these vaccines are completely out of stock for the foreseeable future. You may still be able to get these at travel clinics.

We shall keep everyone updated when this changes.

A link you may find useful if your planning to travel is:

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